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This is a is a blog about Scope Creep

They had a front end developer, but did not have the team to get it over the finish line. There was little to no process in terms of project management (continually changing requirements). There were good design requirements, but not a lot of technical architecture was thought through to support that. The current state of their product was not what they thought, so they needed extra help to complete a version 2 of their app. Part of the challenge was also taking designs (craft and create) from a partner agency and bringing those to life. They were only releasing every 6 months to a year prior to working with us.

  1. Connections and messaging within the app
  2. Post or apply to jobs
  3. Manage the crew for a project
  4. Vendors and discounts
  5. Join Groups

Check out this example

There is also this great graphic to display this:

e supported their team with web dev and PM to get a V2 out the door. Over the course of 10 months. Got them on a proper sprint schedule and have a plan to continually release every month going forward. This V2 will allow them to generate revenue through the app for the first time. Enable contracts with groups, partners, vendors. Once they hit 10k users, they can do work with vendors to then advertising across the app. We built the features they needed (based on market feedback) for interested users/groups to use the app.

Justin Marin
Justin Marin
September 26, 2022

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