CTO Consulting

Leverage our technical and product expertise to support your vision and strategy. Our OneSeven Fractional CTO's  will dedicate time to regularly meet with you and work on anything from high-level projects to leading a development team.

What’s included


Product Roadmap Development

Diving deeper into long-term roadmap items to explore, budget, and plan for those. This also includes identifying new roadmap items based on company goals, the competition, and other market trends.


Solutions Architecture

We combine our business and technical expertise to outline comprehensive solutions with database modeling, UML diagrams, ERD diagrams, technical documentation, and more.


Tech Stack Optimization

Ensure your you’re using the correct tech stack for your app and minimize overhead costs. We audit your tech stack to identify duplicative tools and alternative tech that could be utilized.


Managing Project Timelines & Budgets

Working closely with Project Managers, our leadership team will bring visibility to the current status of projects, ensure timelines are met, and monitor project costs to stay within budget.


Talent Strategy & Resourcing

If you decide to grow the internal technology and product teams, we can help with the hiring process. All the way from writing the job description to interviewing candidates.


Voice of Product to the Tech Team

When it comes to speaking about your product and promoting it, your marketing team can use our leaders as the source of truth for what the product is and does.

Meet Our CTO’s

How it works


Multiple OneSeven Leaders

Different leaders from our team will jump in for appropriate projects.


Dedicated Time for You

Based on the package you select, yo get dedicated hours from our leadership team every month.


Regular Meetings

A weekly call is scheduled with your team to discuss the business and projects.


High-Level Backlog

Our product leaders establish a high-level backlog to manage their work being done.

Frequently asked questions

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