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UX/UI Design + Development


Finding someone is easy, keeping them is hard. Official is a next generation of social media, designed to build healthy relationships.

Strategy + UX/UI Design + Web Development


End to end creation of a new kind of CRM growth platform for everyday sales teams.

strategy + Ux/ui design


IMAGINE, VISUALIZE and MANIFEST your future with Templa, the goal setting and tracking app for the bold.

Strategy + UX/UI Design + Web Development


Apartment hunting can be simple and easy. Find your home using the only real estate platform that guides you to make smarter decisions.

Product Support

The Medical Consultant

Don’t let your most recent diagnosis or treatment plan define your future. A second opinion can change your road to recovery with just one appointment. Take back control with remote radiology.

Product Support + App Development


Brawl Street is a virtual trading game that allows you to go head to head with the competition and if you finish in the top percentage defined by the game, then YOU WIN.

Ux/Ui Design + web development


Enlight helps teachers leverage students’ interests, aspirations, and natural curiosity to create engaging learning experiences.

Ux/Ui Design + AR App development


Baru links to manufacturing robots nationwide for high-precision quality. Support local businesses. No long-distance shipping costs or delays. Use their Augmented Reality app to find the right furniture that fits your space.

Ux/Ui Design + web development

Forest Founders

Your partner in reducing your carbon footprint. Forest Founders is a web platform built to reward you for donating to top tree plating organizations.

Ux/Ui Design


A rapid software development platform that transforms you into a super developer. Chainstarters scalable infrastructure turns any developer into their teams most powerful asset.