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Integrated Team

Integrated teams is an innovative staff augmentation with management solution perfect for startups looking to accelerate or kick off their product design and development. 

Two Ways to Build Your Team

Supercharge your team

Our team of designers and developers can plug into your existing product team to fill the skill gaps and expand capacity.


Build a team from scratch

OneSeven can be your entire product team. Build a team that meets your needs and can help deliver your vision.

Build a Team

Who we work with

Built for a founding team (Ex: CEO and CTO) with a <$500k investment who are ready to design core features, build a BETA to test with users, and collect feedback.

Design core features
Build rapid prototypes
Launch an MVP
Rapid iterations

Built for startups with a $500K - $2M investment, 0-2 designers and developers, and are looking to expand their team.

Implement PM Structure
Add onto existing features
Ensure Scalable Architecture

Built for startups with a $2M+ investment, a full product team, and are looking for an independent team to assist with new features or special projects.

Design core features
Generate revenue with new features
Solve user experience issues
Increase capacity by adding your team
Focus on Growth Design

Built for VC firms who are looking to support their portfolio companies in the following industries: 

-Shipping and Logistics
-Productivity Tools

Help PortCo’s hit their product development goals faster
Provide PortCo’s with access to top design, engineering talent and project management
Support ongoing projects, regardless of turnover within PortCo's
Assist entire portfolio with adhoc blockers

How it works

Team Formation


Tell us about your project and dream team

Give us a high-level overview of what you’re trying to build and what types of roles you need.


Hop on a video call so we can dive into the details!

You can describe your project in-depth and provide your vision and expectations.


Review and optimize your team proposal

After we assemble the proposed team, you can review and make revisions to achieve dream team status.


Sign the contract and kick off the project

Once you're happy, we'll create your dashboard where you can sign the contract and make your first payment.


Start building and managing your team

The team begins learning your existing workflows OR setting up the project management structure for you.

Team Management

Manage your team with our Client Portal

This will be your hub with access to your own project dashboard where you can manage payments, access exclusive perks, and request support from our leadership team.

Our teams include a Project Manager

Their main role is to support and facilitate agile methodologies for project management and execution. This agile approach helps ensure continuous progress and value creation.

We are committed to being Agile

As part of the agile process, we follow a schedule built around 2-week sprints and 1-month feature releases, which includes routine meetings to keep things moving: Standup, Planning, Review, Retro, and Release.

Streamlined communication and documentation

We leverage tools like Slack and ClickUp to manage communications and documentation for projects. Your Project Manager will also help with day-to-day communications and operations.

Package Pricing

Below are a few team templates we’ve put together for you.

Startup Design Team

Starting at



2 Full-time UI/UX Designers
1 Part-time Design Advisor
1 Part-time Project Manager
Full-Story Heat-Maps and Funnels ($20k+ subscription)
Get Started

Startup Dev Team

Starting at



2 Full-time Engineers
1 Part-time Quality Assurance Engineer
1 Part-time Project Manager
1 Part-time Solutions Architect
Get Started

Choose a Custom Team

Starting at



Choose any number of Designers & Engineers you need dedicated to your project
1 Part-time Project Manager still included
1 Part-time Quality Assurance still included
Swap in and out any roles needed
Get Started

Need a custom package?

Need to build a custom team?

Contact Us

Why Integrated Teams Work for Startups

Best in-class tech

We utilize the best in modern technology and provide some of our favorite open source frameworks and libraries.

QA testing is built-in

Rigorous testing processes make sure everything we deliver meets our standards.

Full access to OneSeven leadership

Our leadership team has over 25+ years of experience and are committed to helping your project succeed.

Agile processes

Our project managers are experts in agile project management to ensure continuous value and progress.

Constant new knowledge

Everyone at OneSeven is excited to learn, and we routinely provide up-training and skills development.

Easily scale your team

As your company grows, add new designers and developers with ease.

No payroll or compliance headaches

We handle all of the people operations so you can stay focused on what’s most important, growing your business.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get a team proposal?
Who's on my team? Are they locked in or flexible? What is it like to change the team size or resources?
Can I interview proposed team members?
How do I add or remove a team member?
What experience level will be on my team?
How long does it take to ramp up?
How long do Integrated Teams typically last?
How does billing work?
What contracts will I sign?

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