Build your MVP, Starting at $35K

Build a lovable Minimum Viable Product that allows you to gain users & acquire funding.

What's included?

The core of the MVP is build around your custom features, 1 or 2 user roles and a few key API integrations.

Custom Features

User Roles

API Integrations

We offer custom features in each of our MVP Packages to ensure your app is unique to your users.

We build your MVP around the user roles you need to acquire your first users.

Our packages include API Integrations to leverage existing technology for functions like payments, authentication, and more.

What you get out of the box?

We've been build similar components for each project for the last 5 years. We decided to standardize those components and make them reusable to speed up development and drive down developer costs so you can get your startup off the ground.

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Settings Tab

Email Notifications

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Technology we use

Option 1: MVP Lite
React Native
Option 2: MVP Scale
React Native

API Integrations

Message Bird
Google Maps
Sila Money

MVP Options

MVP Lite

Timeline: 2 Month

Get Started

Build a lovable MVP with a react frontend but a lightweight Airtable backend to get your product out the door fast.

2 Custom Features
1 User Role
1 API Integration
Out of the box components
Airtable Backend
MVP Scale

Timeline: 3 Months

Get Started

Build a scalable MVP that can be built on from years to come with a robust backend architecture that will get you to Series A and beyond.

Everything in MVP Lite
+1 Additional Custom Features
+1 Additional User Role
+1 Additional API Integration
+ Text Notifications
Scalable Backend Architecture

Timeline: 3 Months +

Get Started

Don't want to be limited by our packages? Build your own custom MVP with any number of custom features, user roles and API Integrations to create the app of your dreams.

Custom Features - Unlimited
User Roles - Unlimited
API Integrations - Unlimited

UX/UI Design

We rapidly prototype development ready designs for your MVP to delivering value and delighting users.

Starting at $12k

Admin Portal

Manage your users and database and a few key metrics in your own personalized admin portal.

Starting at $15k

Hardware Integration

Connect your monitoring software to physical hardware that receives data and transform it into a format that can be processed by a computer.

Starting at $20k


Align on your ideal brand direction and build a solid brand guide that will stand the test of time.

Starting at $8k

Frequently asked questions

The MVP lite is 15K less, right? If we start with the lite and want to move up to a more scale, what's the excess price to go from low to high?
IF we go from lite to scale, what's the downtime of the app?
How many users can the MVP lite manage?
What's the definition of an MVP?

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