Antler x OneSeven

Antler and OneSeven have partnered to provide high-quality and affordable software MVPs to Antlers portfolio companies. Antler is a VC fund and accelerator program that invests at the pre-seed stage, nurturing businesses and startups through to Series C.

Antler MVP Packages

We are offering three exclusive packages to Antler Portfolio companies as a fast and affordable option to build a web or mobile MVP.

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Design Prototype

Clickable design prototype with no development.

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MVP Lite

Design & Development MVP build with low-tech.

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MVP Scale

Design & Development MVP build with scalable tech.

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1  Month

1.5 months

3 months


$16,000 USD

$35,000 USD

$50,000 USD

Standard Branding

App Home Page

Profile/Settings Page

Notifications Page

Authentication Flow

In App Notifications

Email Notifications

Text Notifications

Admin Portal



Custom Features

Choose 3

Choose 2

Choose 3

API integrations

Choose 2

Choose 1

Choose 2

Auth0 Authentication

Airtable Database

PostgreSQL Database

ConceptEngine Database



Scalable Architecture


Additional Discounts

OneSeven is offering a 10% discount to all Antler portfolio companies. This does not apply to the MVP Packages, but can be applied to all other OneSeven services, like Product Strategy, Branding, Code Audits, Integrated Teams, and more.

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