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How a Digital Product Studio Can Help Transform Your Business for Success

James Sullivan
James Sullivan
November 15, 2023
How can Digital Product Studios Help Business | OneSeven


If your business goal is to reach new markets, no matter what your business is, you will likely be looking at digital products to get you there. Today’s world is digital, and we rely on technology to grow, communicate with, and help our customers and audiences. 

And in the modern world of startups and digital business, being good enough is no longer enough. With an ever-increasing demand for innovative solutions, industry changing companies know how important good product design is to their success. In this technology first climate, digital product studios are fast becoming the catalysts for innovation and growth. 

Dedicated to providing comprehensive digital product services that includes design, development and strategy, their role extends beyond traditional agencies or software developers, with a focus on holistic solutions that can empower businesses and startups to not only grow but thrive in the modern digital world. 

What is a Digital Product Studio? 

More than a conventional agency, a digital product studio is an incubator of innovation and creativity. As specialists in digital product development, they work with entrepreneurs, startups, and companies to help bring their product ideas to life. 

A good digital product studio will bring the perfect blend of technological expertise and design thinking to the table. You know you have a good fit when the studio you choose goes beyond creating products to crafting experiences that will entice and engage your customers and clients. 

Choose a digital product studio agency that can function as a multi-disciplinary team of diverse skills.  Experience in strategy, experience design, product design, development, testing, product management and sometimes even marketing is how a valuable digital product studio helps businesses soar. 

By replacing the need for multiple different agencies and internal resources into one hub of expertise, a digital product studio can streamline what is often a very cumbersome and disjointed process. 

With a mandate to either build or improve digital products for your business, a digital product studio works from ideation to iteration and execution, harnessing the power of tech, design, and strategy to ultimately develop products that resonate with your end-users. 

Services and Solutions

A good digital product studio consists of a cross-functional team that together can fulfil multiple roles. With designers, product managers and engineers they offer a suite of services tailored to your business need. From user experience design that focuses on creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces to software development that ensures a seamless, bug-free product, these studios cover the entire spectrum. A great digital product studio will work alongside you on your product development journey from start to finish. 

Here are some of the key services they would typically offer: 

  • Product strategy
  • Ideation of new products
  • Building a new product
  • UI/UX Design
  • Improving on existing products
  • Product support
  • Mobile app development
  • Web app development

Product strategy, research and ideation are the starting points for any new digital product development. Strategic guidance and product road mapping are an important element of digital product studio development services that serve to align your vision with market demands. At this stage a digital product studio will look at the issue you need to solve and start looking for the best solutions. They will look at the benefit of your product for your customers, how well the product will solve their problem and whether there is any market potential for the product you want them to develop. 

From there the studio can begin designing, prototyping, and building your new product and testing it before release. They will often begin with a wireframe of your product before creating a prototype or MVP (minimal viable product) that can help you test the user experience and user interface of your product before going into full production. 

Ongoing maintenance and testing are often considered as important as the original development of a digital product. 

By providing end-to-end solutions, digital product studios can help equip businesses with the kind of digital products that will set them apart in a very competitive market. 

Digital Product Studio Company Benefits 

To understand how a digital product studio helps businesses, it’s important to understand the difference between hiring a software developer and collaborating with a digital product studio. While a software development company may do a pretty good job of creating a piece of software or product for you according to your brief, the benefits of engaging a digital product studio extend far beyond the development phase. 

When you hire a digital product studio you onboard an entire team of experts, a team that will see you through the entire digital product process. Here are some of the top benefits of working with a digital product studio: 

  1. Experience and expertise

Each person in a digital product studio team is an expert at what they do. Bring them all together and you have a wealth of experience across developers, product owners, project managers and product designers. When your goal is to create something better than what is already out there, you certainly want to be working with the best. 

  1. Innovation

Pushing boundaries is an essential part to creating new solutions that will set your business apart. From strategy to testing, digital product studios are designed to bring innovation to any project. 

  1. Efficiency

Because a digital product studio brings an entire team to each project, you don’t need to spend time briefing various role players or pulling in in-house resources at the cost of other projects. And by having one team work on a project from start to finish, you will find it easier to stay within your budget and set timelines. 

  1. Faster time to market

With efficiency comes a faster time to market, ensuring your business stays ahead of the game rather than always following someone else. 

It’s All About Collaboration

The advent of the digital product studio agency grew out of a climate of collaboration, innovation, and customization. A great digital product studio won’t see themselves as a separate entity just doing a job, but will work as a strategic partner, collaborating with your business to find the best solutions, and build the best products. 

This collaborative process involves:

  1. Clear and regular communication
  2. Client involvement from strategy and ideation to testing and maintenance.
  3. Transparency throughout the project process

Close collaboration ensures your product aligns with your vision and goals. 

Rising to the Challenge

Creativity, innovation, and collaboration are great, but they also give rise to some unique challenges. Miscommunication, evolving project scopes, or unexpected hurdles can arise.

Bringing a product to market can be a complex process. From concept to launch and beyond, there is plenty of room for miscommunication, changing needs and unexpected challenges. By setting clear expectations, and developing a clear roadmap for each project, many of these hurdles can be easily overcome. Digital design studios bring experienced project managers to the table to ensure each project runs as smoothly as possible.  

A digital product studio isn’t working to a brief, they work across the product development cycle to find the best solution. For some businesses, this may be a challenge. The role of a digital product studio is not to develop a product exactly as prescribed but to rather challenge the brief to find the best and most innovative solution. But you know your business best and being involved in all steps of the process including strategizing, ideating, and testing the product before finalization means a stronger outcome.  

It may seem costly to hire a digital product studio rather than developing a product in-house or using resources as needed. By making the entire process seamless and utilizing the strength of an experienced, cross-functional team, you may find it more cost efficient to work with a digital product studio. Studios like OneSeven Tech may also offer packages that offer more value while fulfilling needs of your business. 

How to Choose the Right Digital Product Studio 

Finding the right Digital Product Studio requires some careful consideration. Expertise in required technologies, a proven track record, alignment with your values, and the ability to understand and support your business objectives are all important. 

Some other key factors to consider when choosing a digital product studio are:

Range of services

Having the right resources and expertise to see a project through from beginning to end is important, reducing the need for multiple projects with multiple agencies. 


It’s always a good idea to start with a clear budget. Then you can find a studio that aligns to this budget or, if you are looking for greater value, a studio that can offer service packages that cover your requirements. 

Previous work

If you’re impressed by some of the products a potential digital product studio has created, then you’re likely to be impressed by what they can do for your business. 

Client Testimonials

Like what others have to say about a candidate digital product design studio?  Chances are they will be a good fit. 

In a world of ever evolving digital innovation, having a great Digital Product Studio on your side is invaluable. Through your vision and their expertise, they can bring your product ideas to life. These product building experts don’t just create an app or a platform, they convert new customers, retain existing ones, and help grow your business. 

As a leading Digital Product Studio, OneSeven Tech is ready to help steer startups towards their success. If you’re ready to get your digital product off the ground, book a discovery call or view our services and packages here.  

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