7 Services that minimize risk & maximize value.

OneSeven is a product development studio uniquely positioned to help startups achieve their goals. Each of our services helps you through a different stage of the product development lifecycle and provides valuable, tangible deliverables. By breaking up projects into these smaller services, you have the freedom to go at your own pace and never over-commit.

OneSevens product strategy service

Product Strategy

We start every project with a few weeks dedicated to creating your project's roadmap. During this period, we will turn your ideas into a formal product vision and explore exactly what’s needed to achieve it. The first few weeks are spent facilitating discovery exercises, aligning on goals and objectives, conducting market/technology research, and beginning some essential assets for the project. Your last week of Product Strategy is when we present our findings, recommendations, and craft an SOW everyone is eager to start! 

🥇Tier 1 (popular)
Timeline: 3 Weeks
Budget: $8,000
🥈Tier 2
Timeline: 6 Weeks
Budget: $18,000
OneSevens Ux/UI design service

UX/UI Design

Using all of the outputs from Product Strategy, our designers will create beautiful and robust prototypes that visualize your entire project. The first week will be another series of discovery exercises, but this time focused solely on the desired experience and style. The remainder of the design phase will be broken up into 2 week sprints. During each sprint, our design team continually finalizes small pieces of the larger project and pass them to the development team so they can get started. This iterative process will repeat until the entire project is fully designed and in the hands of our developers.

Typical Range
Timeline: Min 5 - 12 weeks
Budget: $20,000 - $48,000
OneSevens web & mobile app development services

Mobile & Web Development

During this phase of the project, our full stack development team will transform your beautiful prototypes from design into fully functioning pieces of the final application. Working with our design team and a dedicated project manager, our developers prioritize features and break up the entire project into 2-week sprints. By doing this, we can continually code, test, and release new versions of the final app to beta users. Feature by feature, our developers will follow this agile process and bring your app to life. At the end, you’ll be ready for launch!

Typical Range
Timeline: Scope Varies
Budget: $80/hr/developer
OneSevens quality assurance service

Quality Assurance Testing

Conduct visual and technical testing to ensure all prototypes are working as designed and expected prior to launch.

Timeline: Based on Development
Budget: $80/hr/tester
OneSevens project launch service

Product Launch

Ready to launch your product and need a website? Work with our marketing partners Webware.io & Composite Global.

Option 1 - Webware.io
-Website services
-Under 5k
-Social Media
-Content Writing
-Email Marketing
Option 2 - Composite
-White glove service
-Over 10k+
-Data-Driven Design

OneSevens project support service

Ongoing Support

Stay on-top of API depreciation, framework version control, and bugs long after launch with help from the same team.

🥇Tier 1 (popular)
Timeline: 30 flex hours
Budget: $2,400/mo

🥈Tier 2
Timeline: 60 flex hours
Budget: $4,800/mo

OneSevens project management service

Project Management

Keep your project teams on time and on budget with a project manager that keeps the team aligned and focused.

Timeline & Budget: Included in development scope

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