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Empowering DataBiologics to better manage and grow their user base.
Web Development
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UI/UX Design
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DataBiologics offers clinics, doctors, and patients a robust Patient Reported Outcomes collection platform to help study the safety and efficacy of orthobiologic treatments.


Unlike their users, the DataBiologics team did not have robust platforms to manage and analyze their own data. They came to use with 3 major challenges.

1. There was no visibility into their data to help answer questions without submitting a data request to their existing development partner.
2. Onboarding new clinics was a very manual back and forth process which caused drop-off.
3. With Patient Data stored in their system, everything they build needs to follow HIPAA Compliance, which adds a layer of complexity.


In just 5 months, we planned, designed, and built a super admin dashboard for the DataBioligics team. They now had real-time visibility into their clinic data and an easy new onboarding flow to grow that user base, all within a HIPAA compliant web app. 

"They’re great with project management, organized and focused on delivery. We consider OneSeven to be our Application Development and IT Team and we work with them on a daily basis."
Technical Advisor

Homepage Dashboard

There is now a clear overview of all the clinics using the platform with simple and meaningful data visuals.

Easy Clinic Onboarding

A new user form and backend automation made onboarding clinics easier than ever before.

Overview of Clinics

This view provides a clear list of all clinics sites and the ability to filter through them.

Clinic Dashboard

A clinic level dashboard makes it easy to dive in and get more specific reports.

Big Win

We helped set the standard of project management at DataBiologics. Prior to working with OneSeven, there was little structure and planning around their product development. After working with us, they follow agile methodologies to ensure they’re continually making progress towards their goals.

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Xin Tang
Software Engineer
James Sullivan
Founder & CEO
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