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Explanation of Why We Partnered

Founders are able to leverage their platform to drastically improve fundraising efficiency by surfacing relevant insights about who they are in contact with, how engaged they are, and how good of a fit you are to their thesis. Investors can leverage it to streamline deal screening using advanced analytics, prioritize dealflow, manage co-investor network, and make the right introductions to the right people using their fit scoring.

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As a token of our appreciation for the OneSeven community, we are excited to offer exclusive benefits and discounts through our partnership with Flowlie

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Services we provide

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OneSeven was created by a startup founder, for startup founders.

Our founder, James, started OneSeven over five years ago after his experience hiring an offshore agency for his pre-seed Ed-Tech startup. The project was unsuccessful due to communication issues, conflicting time zones, and scope creep. Since then, he built OneSeven and tailored our services to support startup founders in need of high quality software development.

Thesis on Who We Partner With

At OneSeven, we believe in the power of strategic partnerships. We seek to collaborate with companies and individuals who share our values and possess a deep understanding of technology and design. By partnering with like-minded innovators, we can leverage collective expertise, drive innovation, and provide comprehensive solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients.

Services we provide

  1. Product Strategy

    We discover insights and create
    roadmaps to shape your product through research and validation.

  2. UI/UX Design

    We design thoughtful experiences powered by feedback to ensure our work is delivering value and delighting users.

  3. Mobile/Web Development

    We build reliable products that can scale with you by following an agile process and utilizing the best in modern technology.