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Who needs a code audit?

If you have legacy code that’s been bootstrapped for an MVP or pieced together by multiple teams over time, it’s important to get a holistic view of your code base in a report that any founder can understand.

Determine code quality
Check for scalability
Highlight vulnerabilities
Find bugs before users

When evaluating startups for investments, get a transparent view of their existing code and its current state with proper technical due-diligence.

Transparency into investments
Receive easy to understand reports
Verify functionality of existing apps
Check for scalability

What is a Code Audit?

Our Code Audit offers a simple and easy way for anyone to receive an in-depth analysis by an unbiased third-party. We combine a series of refined manual processes, automated tools, and our custom scoring model to create a comprehensive audit and report.

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What we evaluate

We review the source code of the web/mobile repositories with the intent of discovering bugs, security breaches or violations of programming conventions.

Code Smells
Tech Debt
10d 3h
Security Hotspots
API Documentation
Good (Swagger)
Unit Tests
Lines of code

What you get out of it

1) Score out of 100 based on our proprietary weighted scoring model.

2) Summary of our audit, findings, and highlighted critical issues.

3) Diagram of your apps architecture and ERD based on your database.

4) Strategic recommendations and actionable next steps.

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3 steps to get started

We make the onboarding process as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Provide access and share resources with our team.
Grant OneSeven access to your source code repositories, cloud service, .ENV file, and any other documentation or resources needed to build and test the app.
Run code analysis and create report documentation
Our team will manually build and test the app, run it through automated tools, and score the code using our proprietary model, and create a comprehensive report.
Review the Code Audit with our team.
After we have completed the analysis and handed off the report, we can meet with your team to walk through the audit process and report to ensure you are clear on the findings.

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