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Hiring React Native Developers Made Easy: Your Complete Guide

James Sullivan
James Sullivan
October 11, 2023
Hiring React Native Developers, The Ultimate Handbook


React has become an incredibly popular and impactful JavaScript library, especially when it comes to building interactive and dynamic user interfaces. It's the framework of choice for many organizations around the globe. In 2023, the hunt for talented React developers has ramped up significantly, highlighting the importance of making smart hiring choices.

In this article, we will explain how to hire a React developer. We'll cover what React is, who a React developer is, the skills and qualifications needed, and the steps to hire one. We'll also point out common mistakes to avoid in the hiring process.

Let’s begin!

What is React?

React, also known as ReactJS or React.js, is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces and interactive website elements. It's a popular choice for both single-page and mobile applications. Businesses and product managers are looking to hire React native developers due to the library's efficiency and flexibility in web development.

Who is a React Developer?

A React developer is a front-end engineer skilled in JavaScript or TypeScript, specializing in the React library. These software developers are in charge of crafting the user interface, ensuring the website or application looks good and functions seamlessly. They bring features like interactive slideshows, engaging buttons, graphical elements, and sometimes even voice recognition capabilities.

A React developer must be proficient in technologies such as HTML, CSS, TypeScript, C#, SASS, and LESS to be considered highly skilled and ready for a professional setting. They should also be well-versed in various React developer tools, web frameworks, and libraries.

The market for hiring React native developers has become competitive. The demand for such experts is high, especially through 2023. Whether you hire dedicated React developers, look into freelancers, or build an in-house team, a deep understanding of what makes a qualified React developer is crucial.

Reasons To Hire React Developers

No matter the size or stage of your business, whether it's a startup, a mid-sized company, or a large enterprise, digital transformation is often essential for business growth. If you plan to take this step, specialized React developers who can focus solely on your project could be crucial for your success.

Building Cross-Platform Applications

One of the most compelling reasons to hire React native developers is the ability to build cross-platform applications that run seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices. ReactJs developers bring the necessary tools, skills, and experience to create such versatile apps. If your business aims to establish a presence across multiple platforms, hiring ReactJs developers with cross-platform expertise is an excellent choice.

Developing and Maintaining Web Applications

When you hire a React developer, you're not just investing in a temporary project but making a long-term commitment to your web application's health and performance. Whether you're a startup or an established enterprise, a well-crafted web application is essential for attracting and retaining customers.

React developers specialize in creating engaging user interfaces that can drastically improve the overall user experience. Thus, hiring a React.js development team can be a wise business decision for both developing new and maintaining existing web applications.

Scale Up The Team

Startups, in particular, face the challenge of scaling up quickly as they grow. If your business already uses React for its front-end development, hiring dedicated React developers to scale your team makes perfect sense. Specialized React engineers will always be valuable as your business expands, and having a skilled React development team can be a game-changer.

Skills to Look for in a React Developer

If you're considering hiring a React developer, it's important to know what skills to look for. Below are the details that can help you make an informed decision.

1. Technical Skills

JavaScript and ECMAScript

A developer proficient in React should have a deep understanding of JavaScript, along with its advanced features like ES6, DOM manipulation, and event handling.

Technical Expertise

Familiarity with JSON, advanced HTML, and Rest API is essential. These are the building blocks for creating user interfaces in React.

Frameworks and Testing Tools

A well-rounded developer should know unit testing frameworks such as Jest, Mocha, etc. They should also have experience with end-to-end testing frameworks like Cypress and Selenium.

Multiple Technologies

A developer well-versed in the MERN stack can handle various development needs, including managing server loading time and JS applications.

Version Control Systems

Experience with version control systems like Git, SVN, and Mercurial is important for collaborative work. Git is often preferred due to its user-friendly experience.

Js Build Tools

Familiarity with tools like npm, Webpack, and Yarn can help optimize the React library.

React Basics and Styling Methods

The developer should proficiently use React elements like JSX, Component Lifecycle, hooks, and functional components. They should also be skilled in CSS pre-processors like LESS, SASS, and SCSS.

ReactJs Workflows

Experience with state management frameworks like Context API, Axios, React Router, and Redux is essential for speed optimization.

Sprint Planning

A capable developer should have experience in sprint planning and task management, ensuring that project milestones are met.

2. Soft Skills


Effective communication between the client and the developer is crucial for project success.


The ability to manage crises or issues as they arise can make or break a project.

Time Management

Meeting deadlines is important; a developer with strong time management skills will ensure timely delivery.


The developer should work well with other team members to meet project requirements.


React developers should be flexible enough to adapt to different technologies as the project demands.

Experience & Qualifications to Hire React Developers

Selecting the right React developer involves more than technical and soft skills; experience and qualifications also play an important role.

Minimum Years of Experience

A React developer should typically have at least a few years of experience. This ensures that they can handle the complexities and nuances of different projects.

Educational Background

While a computer science degree is often beneficial, some of the best developers are self-taught or have undergone specialized training courses. Look for relevant certifications or coursework that show their commitment to mastering React.

Portfolio and Past Projects

This can provide real-world examples of their skills. A strong portfolio showcasing various projects can help you understand the depth and breadth of their capabilities.

How to Hire a React Developer?

Hiring a React developer involves multiple steps, each designed to ensure that you find the right fit for your project.

Below are the steps you should follow:

1. Describe your Project, Needs, and Budget

The first step involves clearly outlining your project requirements. Make sure you communicate these details effectively with your recruitment agency if you are using one. Agree on all the important aspects, such as budgets, deadlines, and penalties for not adhering to agreed terms. These details should be specified in a contract to formalize your future cooperation.

2. Prepare Interview Questions

Either you or your recruitment agency will need to prepare interview questions tailored to identify the ideal candidates for your project. You should know what experience is necessary and what technical and soft skills the candidates should possess.

3. Gather the Candidate

This step is usually managed by a recruitment agency. They assemble a pool of potential candidates that meet your specified qualifications. They then evaluate these candidates to determine their potential contribution to your project.

4. Evaluate the Portfolio

Reviewing a candidate's portfolio is crucial. This involves looking at past projects they've worked on, their specific roles in those projects, and their performance. This will help you gauge their practical experience and ability to complete projects successfully.

5. Assess Technical Skills

At this point, you should assess the candidate's technical skills using the criteria mentioned in the previous section on skills to look for in a React developer. Technical interviews or tests can help you verify a candidate's ability to handle the complexities of React development.

6. Get Started

After following the above steps, you'll be in an excellent position to start the hiring process. If the potential candidate meets your project requirements and falls within your budget, you can proceed to onboard them for your React development project.

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring React Developers

Hiring the right React developer is a critical task that can significantly impact the success of your project. However, several common mistakes can adversely affect the hiring process. Below, we will explain these mistakes and why they should be avoided.

1. Focusing Only on Technical Knowledge

While technical skills are undeniably important, focusing solely on a candidate's proficiency in React and JavaScript is a mistake. Soft skills like clear communication skills and problem-solving abilities are equally important.

These attributes are crucial for team dynamics and the overall success of your project. Therefore, make sure to evaluate both technical and soft skills when hiring dedicated React.js developers.

2. Hurrying up the Hiring Process

The hiring process for a React developer can take time, and rushing through it can prove costly. A hurried process might lead to overlooking essential aspects like evaluating a candidate's portfolio or assessing their soft skills.

Taking adequate time for the hiring process ensures you get a well-rounded view of the suitable candidates and can make an informed decision. Thus, refrain from speeding up the process to ensure you hire the most efficient developers for your project.

3. Not Assessing Knowledge of Other Related Technologies

React doesn't operate in a vacuum. It's often used with other technologies like Webpack, GraphQL, and Redux. Failing to assess a candidate's familiarity with these related technologies can result in unforeseen complications. When you're hiring, make sure to inquire about the candidate's experience and proficiency with these additional technologies.


Hiring the right React developer can be a challenging yet rewarding process. By paying attention to detailed aspects such as technical skills, soft skills, and related technologies, you can significantly improve your chances of making a successful hire. Avoiding common mistakes is essential to ensure that your project meets its objectives.

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